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Mobile website optimization.
Should I really care?

Yes, you should.
While people today are looking for information, shop online and communicate mainly through their smartphones, website without optimization won't display properly on their mobile phones. More than 70% of them are leaving immediately such a website and go on competing optimized one.

Optimize your site today!

‍How to optimize ? 

They all talk abou it. MOBILEGEDDON !

Learn more about changes in mobile search algorithm made by Google.


‍Optimize your website
in 3 simple steps

Mobile version production

We will analyze your existing site. and produce a mobile version. 

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Client approval

We'll launch mobile web in test mode. You can look at it and check it.

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Launch + payment

After implementing all your comments we'll switch your mobile website to full mode.
And the best for last - you pay as late as now!

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Internet? In mobile!

Since 2013 there was already more webpages viewed in mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than in PCs and notebooks..

‍Power of mobile search

Costumers search most of information using their mobile phones.
More than 80% of them even where they are near desktop computer (or NB).

Search engines rules changed

In 2015 Google has changed algorithm for mobile searching.
Optimized-for-mobile pages will get better ranking = better position in search results.

Mobile shopping on the rise

Share of mobile online purchases is rising every year. Did you know that most costumers make purchase or contact the store in one hour after they've finished mobile search?